How to Make Exercise a Habit

Jul 08, 2020

People all over always want to know how to get motivated to workout and how to build a routine for working out that actually sticks.  Oftentimes, starting a new routine and developing those habits are the most challenging part.  However once you’ve built a routine that works for you, the benefits of that exercise will show in no time.


Here are some strategies to create that routine.

Schedule It

If you want time to exercise, you have to make time for it.  One of the best ways to do that is to schedule your workouts on your calendar and treat them like important appointments.  Instead of making exercise something you’ll hopefully get to in your day if you have time, actually make it something you actively set time aside for.  Doing it this way means that you’re protecting that part of your day as time for you and your workout.


Have a Plan

It’s so important to know exactly what you’re going to be doing when you work out so that you’re not just wandering around without a plan.  Having your whole work out planned for you means you can focus on getting yourself moving and working towards your fitness goals.  You’ll be surprised by how much having a plan can keep you motivated to work out.  It ensures you actually see results which will help you to stay motivated. 


Exercise Goals 

Research shows that when we have a clear purpose for a task, you are more likely to do it regularly.  So have a reason for your workouts.  Set realistic goals to help you to keep your motivation high.  Setting smaller goals helps you to have more successes and feel like you can continue to keep doing more.  Whatever your goal is, write it down and refer to it every day until you reach it.  When you don’t feel like working out, read your purpose to help remind yourself of why you’re trying to exercise regularly.


Be Consistent

When it comes to habit formation, consistency is king.  Even when circumstances prevent you from doing a perfect workout, always try to do something active.  If you are having a busy day, still work out but make it a little shorter.  If you are traveling, still workout even if you have to improvise a little.  Feeling tired or sluggish, still do some movement, however slowly, through your planned workout.  Of course it’s also important to listen to your body and be sure you’re allowing time for recovery.  Do not take an all-or-nothing approach to your workouts.  When conditions aren’t perfect, it’s always better to continue the habit and do something rather than to do nothing at all.


Make it Social

Research shows that habits spread through our social networks.  Having a friend to exercise with means you’re more likely to show up and also stick to your habit.  You do not need to be in the same location to workout together and help to motivate each other.  


Remember, working out is never a quick fix.  In order to get long lasting results it’s important to build exercise and healthy routines into your life for the long run.


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