Your Online Fitness Journey

Jun 01, 2021

Starting anything new can make you second guess your decision and even stall taking action.  People often get excited to start exercising but sadly make mistakes that prevent you from doing your next workout. Here are some tips to ensure your success. 


Prepare Yourself

Set yourself up for success by preparing your mindset and your physical space.  Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move.  Arrange your workout area with enough room to exercise and to visibly see your device.  Use a comfortable mat and have a towel and water nearby.  Understand that your first workout may be challenging but you’ll feel amazing after you complete it.


Choose the Right Level

It’s so important that you select your correct fitness level. If you choose the wrong level you can injure yourself, it can be ineffective and often you will be discouraged. Calorie burn in a workout is approximate and can vary from person to person, so don’t use calorie burn as a gauge to select your workout. If you complete a workout that is perfect for your current fitness level, you’ll enjoy the workout and progress safely.


Proper Form

Proper form through the full range of motion is more important than speed and quantity. Execute an exercise with quality form and you’ll prevent injuries, correct muscle imbalances and guarantee an effective workout.  You’ve invested the time to work out, so make every minute count.


Be Consistent

When you start working out, you’re excited to start and begin exercising every day for an entire week. But then you stop because life happens. You start again in 3 months and stop shortly after. Or, you work out hard for 5 days in a row to exhaustion. To successfully reach your fitness goals, consistency is key.  If you’re consistent every week, you’ll not only see results, but they’ll be long lasting. You are creating positive habits for life.


Celebrate Small Wins

Every step towards your health and fitness should be celebrated and rewarded. Your decision to put on your workout clothes and complete a session is already a mental conversation you won. Excuses can get the best of us so pushing through a challenging workout deserves reward. Not only will you feel the benefits but your mind will thank you.  To reinforce your positive behavior further, reward yourself.  


Now you know what to expect so you can to avoid these common mistakes.  You can be prepared.  Enjoy your workout and most importantly, have fun while exercising!


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