Want to watch the workouts from your tv?

Follow the steps below!

(Each device is different, so scroll on the page to find your device's instructions.)

Download the mobile app to cast to your TV!

This is the easiest way to do it! If that does not work for you, keep reading for other ways.

If you don't want to use the app to CAST, keep reading:


Chromecast Instructions

    1. For Android or Google Pixel, visit the Google Chromecast help page by CLICKING HERE.
    2. Then, choose the device you would like to use and follow the directions.
For iPhone or iPad, follow this video by CLICKING HERE.

Apple TV Instructions

  1. Visit the AppleTV help page by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Choose the device you would like to use and follow the directions.


Roku "mirroring" Instructions

We've identified a method to view our workout videos on Roku players from an iPad/iPhone:

  1. Install the "iWebTV" app (free version) on your iPad/iPhone/Android AND your Roku device.
  2. Once installed, navigate to our website on the iWebTV app from your iPad/iPhone.
  3. Login to your account and play the video you wish to view.
  4. A toolbar should appear just below the video. Click the "To TV" button (in the lower left of the toolbar)
  5. Another toolbar will appear listing the devices you can connect to. Select your Roku player in the list.
  6. *Note* Your iPad/iPhone and Roku device must be connected to the same wi-fi network in order for this to function successfully.


  • For step by step ANDROID instructions with photos CLICK HERE.

HDMI Cable (Stream Laptop to TV)

  1. For step by step instructions with photos CLICK HERE.


  1. The easiest way to watch with FireStick is to simply download & locate "SILK" web browser on the device. Then, go to www.neyufit.com and sign in. (If you do not have "SILK" on your FireStick, simply install it.)
  2. If you prefer to mirror from a different device, follow the step by step instructions here --> CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the next page.

Smart TV Instructions

  1. Open the internet browser on your SmartTV, and navigate to www.neyufit.com
  2. Login to your account, CLICK REMEMBER ME, and begin working out.
SAVE it as a favorite for one click return to the workouts!
* Note: Some Smart TV's do not have an internet browser that will play these videos. You will know if you get to the video and it just keeps spinning but not playing. (Send an email to [email protected] if you experience this issue.)
(Therefore, you will have to connect via any of the ways above.)

*** It is also very easy to "cast" to your TV. Since there are so many combinations, do a google search for "how to cast (Device name) to (device TV) Example : How to cast iphone to samsung TV or How to cast android to samsung TV.


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